About AiriLasha Co

 Hey AiriBabes, My Name Is Airicka Green And I Would Love To Share My Story On How And Why I Started AiriLasha Collection And Why I Offer So Many Things Within My Brand.


I Have Always Had A Passion For The Beauty Industry. It’s A Place Where Someones Creative Side Can Really Come Out No Matter If We Are Talking Hair Or Cosmetics, It Is Truly A Never Ending Path Of Creativity. What Started Off As Watching Inspiring YouTube Videos In 2012, In The Later Years 2013-2015 I Started To Create My Own Masterpieces And Even Joined A Career Path In Cosmetology While Still In High School.

At That Point In Time I Wasn’t Really Brave Enough To Open A Business Just Yet. I Think About 2016 I Opened My Business Naming It ‘Be Beauty Boutique’ And I Think I Only Opened For About A Week Got To 10 Followers On Instagram And Hurried And Shut It Down Because I Was Too Nervous 🤣😭 .

Couple Of Years Later, I Ended Up Having My First Son, Artist, In July 2018 And Later That Year Is What Birthed The Skincare And Bodycare Side Of My Business. Me And My Son Had Extremely Dry Skin (Pregnancy Really Sucks You Dry Literally My Skin Felt Like Snake Skin And My Ni… Well Just Know That’s What Also Birthed The Nipple Butter.) And My Son Also Suffered From Discoloration On His Face. He Suffered From Hypopigmentation And Of Course the doctor prescribed him to those toxic medicines in my book. Of Course You Kind Of Get Where The Story Is Going And I Know It Sounds Cliche But I Promise This Is What Births The Best Skincare & Bodycare Products Because Of The Experiences With Trial And Error, With Using What The Doctor Claims Will Help Heal, To Having To Take Matters In Your Own Hands To Research And Create Things That You Know Will Help Heal. We Had Of Course Everything The Doctor Prescribed And Those Products Did Nothing. All Of Those Chemicals To Literally Be Where We Started When We Brought Up Our Concerns. That’s When I Started Researching Once I Seen How Harmful Those Products We’re And Then Venturing And Finding Problems With Almost Everything In My Bathroom Closet I Started Creating My Own Cosmetics, Haircare, Skincare, & Bodycare Products.

Let’s Speed Things Up A Bit. I Ended Up Pregnant Again With Amir, This Time I Didn’t Suffer Thanks To Me Creating My Own Body Butter And Soap Lol. But I Ended Up Having PPD And Continuously Down Playing Myself And My Abilities. With The Help And Encouragement From My Bestfriend (Riyanah Thanks Girl) I Took A Leap Of Faith And Started My Business. Now I Have Done Many Name Changes As Mentioned Before For 1 Week In 2016 I Was Called Be Beauty Boutique, 2019-2020 I Was DollFace Extensions, 2020-2021 I Was DollFace Kollection (Now Keep In Mind Just Because I Took The Leap Of Faith To Start My Business, Didn’t Mean I Was Not Afraid Of People Knowing I Started A Business So I Steered Clear Of Using My Actual Name So I Had No Ties And Nobody Would Find Out. I Think About 2020 Is When Club House Came Out And Thats Where I Let Go Of The Fear I Had) 2021-Present I Have Been Called AiriLasha Collection. (combo of my first name and middle name).

 I Love The Beauty & Fashion Industry. I Opened My Business To Share My Passion And My Craft With The World. I Love That I Have The Power To Uplift Women And Boost Their Confidence With My Craft. My Business Gives Me The Best Of Both Of Those Worlds To Enjoy Creating My Products That Makes Someone Else Smile.

Thank You For Trusting Me And Believing In My Brand. It’s A Never Ending Cycle Of Me Uplifting You With My Products And You Uplifting Me When You Support My Brand With Your Continuous Support.
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December 2023 We Took A Class To Learn Lash Extensions And Disinfecting To Provide Ensure A Safe Environment For Our Dolls.