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What Body Butter Is Best For Your Skin ?

by Airicka Green 30 Oct 2023

I Know You Have Heard Their Are Tons Of Different Moisturizing And Hydrating Luxury Butters That Can Be Used In Skincare, Bodycare, And Haircare. We Use A Few Of Them In Our Business. We Often Get Asked About The Butters We Us And What Can Each Butter Actually Do For The Hair, Body, And Skin ? Here I Will Tell You All About The Different Butters, Some You Probably Never Heard Of. 


Shea Butter

- **Description:** Creamy, off-white or pale yellow fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree.
- **Origin:** West and Central Africa.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties, promotes skin elasticity, soothes scalp conditions.
- **Pros:** Easily absorbed, versatile, natural sun protection, suitable for all skin types.
- **Cons:** Can become grainy over time, potential allergen for some.
- **How Commonly Used:** Widely used in cosmetics, lotions, and hair products.
- **Melting Point:** 89-95°F (32-35°C).

Mango Butter

- **Description:** Non-greasy, soft butter extracted from the seed of the mango fruit.
- **Origin:** South Asia and the tropics.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Hydrating, reduces signs of aging, repairs UV damage.
- **Pros:** Lightweight, non-comedogenic, absorbs quickly.
- **Cons:** Mild scent may not appeal to everyone.
- **How Commonly Used:** Common in skincare and hair care formulations.
- **Melting Point:** 86-98.6°F (30-37°C).

Kokum Butter

- **Description:** Hard butter with a mild scent, derived from the Garcinia tree.
- **Origin:** India.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Restores skin elasticity, non-pore clogging, softens hair.
- **Pros:** Quick absorption, aids in skin regeneration.
- **Cons:** Hard consistency might require blending with other oils/butters.
- **How Commonly Used:** Often found in lip balms, lotions, and creams.
- **Melting Point:** 90-104°F (32-40°C).

Murumuru Butter

- **Description:** Semi-soft butter with a mild scent, derived from the seeds of the murumuru palm tree.
- **Origin:** Amazon rainforest.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** High in Vitamin A, restores skin's barrier, nourishing for hair.
- **Pros:** Potent moisturizer, creates protective layer on skin.
- **Cons:** Less common, might be pricier than other butters.
- **How Commonly Used:** Hair conditioners, skincare products.
- **Melting Point:** 91.4°F (33°C).


Cupuacu Butter

- **Description:** Soft, creamy butter with a unique, slightly sweet aroma, extracted from the seeds of the Cupuacu tree's fruit.
- **Origin:** Amazon rainforest in Brazil.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Hydrating, improves skin elasticity, boosts hair moisture and shine.
- **Pros:** Great water absorption capacity, offers natural sun protection.
- **Cons:** Can be pricier due to its unique properties.
- **How Commonly Used:** Skincare creams, lotions, lip balms, hair conditioners.
- **Melting Point:** 86°F-95°F (30°C-35°C).

Cocoa Butter

- **Description:** Pale-yellow, edible fat extracted from the cocoa bean.
- **Origin:** Central and South America.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Hydrating, reduces stretch marks, improves hair breakage.
- **Pros:** Natural antioxidant, pleasant chocolate aroma.
- **Cons:** Can be comedogenic (may clog pores for some skin types).
- **How Commonly Used:** Widely used in skincare, lip balms, and hair treatments.
- **Melting Point:** 93°F-101°F (34°C-38°C).

Illipe Butter

- **Description:** Extracted from the nuts of the Shorea Stenoptera tree, it has a mild odor and smooth texture.
- **Origin:** Borneo in Southeast Asia.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Moisturizing, restores skin's elasticity, conditioning for hair.
- **Pros:** Long-lasting moisturization, similar properties to cocoa butter but with a higher melting point.
- **Cons:** Less common and can be harder to source.
- **How Commonly Used:** Lip balms, creams, hair masks.
- **Melting Point:** 104°F-120°F (40°C-49°C).

Tucuma Butter

- **Description:** Extracted from the fruit of the Astrocaryum vulgare (Tucuma) palm tree, has a rich texture and mild aroma.
- **Origin:** Amazon rainforest.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Moisturizing, high in vitamin A, promotes smooth skin, shine to hair.
- **Pros:** Enhances skin's moisture barrier, offers natural UV protection.
- **Cons:** Might be heavier than other butters, potentially leading to a greasy feel.
- **How Commonly Used:** Hair conditioners, moisturizing creams, sunscreens.
- **Melting Point:** 86°F-95°F (30°C-35°C).

Sal Butter (Shorea Butter)

- **Description:** Extracted from the seeds of the Sal tree, it's similar to cocoa butter but softer.
- **Origin:** India.
- **Benefits to Skin and Hair:** Hydrating, aids in skin's elasticity, reduces hair breakage.
- **Pros:** High in stearic acid, offers a smooth application.
- **Cons:** Less commonly known, might be harder to find.
- **How Commonly Used:** Skincare products, lip care, hair conditioners.
- **Melting Point:** 93°F-104°F (34°C-40°C).

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